Luke Chui

Developer / Leader / Innovator

Computer Science @ UCLA

Los Angeles | San Francisco

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  • Software Engineering Intern
  • In the summer of 2016, I worked as a full-stack software engineering intern and implemented various features on Crowdcast's main platform. I built developed a robust analytics service, improved the core server architecture, and strengthened their current testing suite among others.
  • Technologies used: MEAN stack, WebRTC, Firebase, Jade, Sass
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  • Microsoft Student Partner
  • For the 2016-2017 academic year, I have been selected to represent Microsoft as their student partner at UCLA. I spearhead the promotion of Microsoft and its products through workshops, hackathon organizing, speaker series, and integration of all things Microsoft in the computer science community.
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Hacker Fund
  • Mentor
  • The Hacker Fund is a non-profit building a computer science mentorship community. Recently, we have started chapters through America to serve as an immediate service to schools and hackathons nearby.
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Omlet | Mobisocial Inc.
  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Throughout my senior year of highschool, I worked as a software engineering intern at Mobisocial Inc., a Stanford startup known for their fast-growing gaming network. I developed the Omlet Chat desktop client and expanded the Omlet API to be used in the Omlet Arcade.
  • Technologies used: Node.js, ReactJS, Flux, Omlet API
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LA Hacks
  • Co-Director
  • For the past five years, LA Hacks has continuously been one of the best hackathons on the West coast. As Director this year, I want to maintain and increase our standard of excellence by introducing competitive data and ideation tracks, collaborating with UCLA's strong design community, and further the technical difficulty of hacker submissions.
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Bruin Entrepreneurs
  • Director of Technology
  • As the tech lead, I oversee all of BE's tech initiatives and manage our internal dev team. Our technology efforts revolve around the needs of the organization; we build and maintain our organization's website, construct internal tools, and do tech consulting for members in our organization.
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Creative Labs
  • Co-Founder, Product Manager
  • In the Spring of 2016, Bruin Entrepreneurs started Creative Labs -- a creative design/development agency -- with the focus of bridging the gap between the two communities. Through weekly workshops/speakers and hand-selected project teams, we provide a place for designers and developers to freely learn new creative skills and technologies.
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  • ACM Hack Vice President
  • ACM Hack is the hacking oriented committe in UCLA's Association of Computing and Machinery (ACM). I lead and teach web/mobile workshops at our weekly Hack Nights. This year, we started Hack School -- a series of Web development lessons that teach students how to build a simple messenger app.
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Slack Notifier
  • Developer
  • For people who don't actively check their Slack Notifications, they can spin up the Slack Notifier locally or on their preferred server and every hour it'll send the user a text message with all that hour's chat history.
  • Technologies used: Node.js, Slack API, Twillio API
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